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  • Competitive Bass Fishing Tournament in Minnesota August 29-30

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    Just announced is a new competitive bass fishing tournament in Minnesota. The Classic Bass Invitational will take place August 29-30 on Pokegama Lake in Grand Rapids, MN. The team-format event offers 100% payback in cash and prizes, and allows anglers to pick...

  • Pelican Lake

    Pelican Lake

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    At 3,760 acres Pelican Lake is a large body of water located in west central Minnesota. It is a shallow lake with a max depth of only 21 feet but boasts great fishing and water recreation opportunities. The water quality indicates that is a fertile lake with...

  • Lake Commandos with Steve Pennaz

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    In this episode of Lake Commandos, Steve Pennaz goes head to head with legendary Fishing Biologist Hal Schramm. The mission is to find and catch mid-summer Largemouth Bass on big water and in heavy cover. The Lake is a popular Muskie and Walleye lake. Both...

  • Largemouth Bass

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    Largemouth Bass are the most popular game fish in North America. They can be found in all 50 states as well as Japan. Largemouth Bass in Minnesota are most commonly found in small or medium sized lakes in central and northern regions. They mostly frequent...