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  • The Best Catfish Rod From Rippin’ Lips

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    The new S Glass series of rods from Rippin Lips may just be the best catfish rod to hit the market in while. It is built to be durable yet lightweight with tough top-notch guides and a beautifully balanced handle system. Designed by master catman John...

  • Catfish Dip Bait

    New Catfish Dip Bait

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    Catfish dip bait recipes have been around forever, it takes time to get a mixture that finally melds. But when it does, something special happens. The guys at Rippin Lips have just released a soon to be legendary potion. The Bootleg catfish dip bait recipe...

  • Catfish

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    Minnesota waterways produce three kinds of catfish: channel, blue, and flathead. They are a bottom-feeder fish, and they are found primarily in the murky depths of Minnesota’s rivers. Although the best places for catfish in MN are the rivers, many small...