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  • Invaders of the Great Lakes

    Become An Aquatic Superhero With The “Invaders Of The Great Lakes” Pocket Guide

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    What’s an aquatic superhero you ask? It’s an fisherman who has taken the time to learn about his foes. He understands how aggressive the Brown Goby can be. He knows that Eurasian Ruffe have an unfair advantage due to their ability to detect water...

  • Giant Muskie on Lake Minnetonka

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    The big girls are moving in! We received this great photo from our buddy Doug McDougal of Outfitters Rating TV. He spotted this giant muskie off a dock on Lake Minnetonka yesterday. Swimming around with two other brutes! From the looks of it, we’re not...

  • Walleye


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    Appearance The walleye is the most sought after fish in Minnesota and is the state fish. Each year anglers just in Minnesota keep about 3.4 million walleyes. The fish is named after its pearlescent eye, which is caused by a layer of pigment that helps it feed...

  • Northern Pike

    Northern Pike

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    Appearance The Northern Pike is a voracious predator and one of the easiest fish to catch in Minnesota because of its willingness to bite lures or bait. It is a close cousin to the muskie, but varies in appearance. A northern pike has a dark body with light...

  • Muskie


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    Appearance The Muskie is one of the largest and most elusive fish that swims in Minnesota waters. A popular fish to target the muskie can be quite a challenge for anglers. They are light colored and usually have dark bars running up and down their long...

  • Smallmouth Bass

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    The abundant, bronze-backed smallmouth bass in Minnesota have been thrilling sport anglers with their aggressiveness and strength for over a hundred years, and have lately been attracting more angling attention. Smallmouth bass are found most often in streams...

  • Largemouth Bass

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    Largemouth Bass are the most popular game fish in North America. They can be found in all 50 states as well as Japan. Largemouth Bass in Minnesota are most commonly found in small or medium sized lakes in central and northern regions. They mostly frequent...

  • Catfish

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    Minnesota waterways produce three kinds of catfish: channel, blue, and flathead. They are a bottom-feeder fish, and they are found primarily in the murky depths of Minnesota’s rivers. Although the best places for catfish in MN are the rivers, many small...