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Mend Provisions

Mend Provisions – A Fly Fishing Shop Worth The Stop

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Mend Provisions is a small boutique fly fishing shop that just opened up around the corner from Buster’s in South Minneapolis. Owner Mike Fischer (yes, but don’t bother with the lame joke) is looking to fill a void in Minneapolis. Which is, the fact that there aren’t any fly fishing shops around. We dropped in to chat with him and talked about everything from the inspiration for the shop, to his favorite fly fishing spots in Minnesota, to his obsession with top-of-the-line gear.

As Mike says, “We just like nice gear, it just works. …You’re going to have a lot of this stuff for twenty years, so if it costs twenty or thirty percent more than the lower level stuff – once it’s amortized over that time frame you really are just happy to have the better stuff.” And better stuff it is. Still, he was quick to remind us that beginners are welcome at Mend Provisions too. They have a starter kit for $160 if you’re looking to get your feet wet (it doesn’t come with waders so that’s not a pun). 

Mike is a welcoming, knowledgable guy who loves to talk shop. If you’re in the neighbor grab a cup of joe at the Angry Catfish and head over to Mend Provisions to pick his brain. He has a lot to share and is adept at pulling you into the world of fly fishing.

Here’s the full audio interview:


Mend Provisions
2719 E 42nd St 
Minneapolis MN 55406
(612) 724-4272

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