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walleye fishing tips

Walleye Fishing Tips

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If you live and work in the Twin Cities you probably frequent many metro and popular Central Minnesota lakes. These lakes may not be as well known for walleyes as the lakes in Northwest or Northeast Minnesota but there are certain walleye fishing tips to increase your odds.

walleye fishing tips


Most Metro and Central Minnesota walleyes are heavily fished and have become accustomed to it. They will not go after bad lure presentation as they have wised up to it.

– Present your bait as naturally as possible so that fish don’t detect human influence

– Presentation needs to be clean and neat, keep the boat away from the spot you think fish are. Casting is a good method for this as it allows you to not intrude and keeps boat noise down

– Being stealth and quiet is important. Turn off your motor long before you reach where the fish are and use your trolling motor to get in close

Lake Conditions

Minnesota offers countless choices for walleye lakes, but there are not as many lakes dedicated to walleye. Most lakes contain a large amount of Bass and Northern Pike but also happen to have Walleye in them.

– It’s ok to choose a lake that is not as well known for walleye, they can be very productive at certain times like spring and early winter

– If you are headed to one of these lakes do some studying, not all stockings are done by the DNR some private lake associations will do walleye stocking. This greatly increases your chance of catching some ‘eyes

– Some metro lakes can get congested with recreational traffic so plan your fishing time on the water wisely


Although most people don’t enjoy being out on an overcast, drizzling day it is usually a great time to catch walleyes and other game fish.

– Drizzly, overcast conditions always seem to bring out the walleye

– Many walleyes will go shallow during these times mostly for the low light conditions but also because of the recreational boaters who frequent many Metro and popular Central Minnesota lakes

– On sunny days it is almost best to avoid any of the popular lakes because of recreational traffic. But there are some great walleye rivers such as the St. Croix near Stillwater that does not see as much recreational activity



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