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The Best Catfish Rod From Rippin’ Lips

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Best Catfish RodThe new S Glass series of rods from Rippin Lips may just be the best catfish rod to hit the market in while. It is built to be durable yet lightweight with tough top-notch guides and a beautifully balanced handle system. Designed by master catman John Jamison, Rippin Lips’ new SuperCat Series feature six carefully selected length/actions, created to conquer the species and situations anglers face daily.

Most good catfish rods use E-glass but but this catfish rod uses S-Glass, which is lighter and a more advanced fiberglass that is stronger than E-Glass. If you are looking for the best catfish rod you want it to be durable, tough and well balanced. The SuperCat series is all of those things plus it features a special split grip handle for battling big fish with the other grip aiding casting control and sensitivity.

Available in six lengths and actions, for small stream channel cats to big water blues and flatheads, SuperCat Rods are competitively priced ($35.99 to $49.99) and ready to get bloodied in battle. For more information on all of Rippin Lips products click here.



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