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New Impulse Paddle Minnow Swimbait from Northland Tackle

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Impulse Paddle Minnow SwimbaitWhen it comes to soft baits, paddle tails fit the bill for most day-to-day conditions. That’s because their tails throb enticingly, even with straight, do-nothing retrieves. And they wobble on the drop when as your jig descends toward bottom. They basically do all the work for you throughout every inch of your retrieve, which is why they’re so popular with both fish and fishermen.

The new impulse paddle minnow swimbait from Northland is designed with a sleek 3″ minnow profile, and sports a pulsating PaddleTailâ„¢ that kicks, wiggles and wobbles to mimic the frantic swimming action of a panicked or distressed baitfish.They are molded from soft scent dispersing plastic for natural swimming action and maximum scent distribution, all day long. The impulse paddle minnow swimbait is 3″ in length to appeal to a wide range of fish from big crappies to bass and walleyes. They come in 7 realistic baitfish patterns to imitate whatever forage fish that bigger fish are feeding on.

For more information on the paddle minnow swimbait from Northland tackle visit their website www.northlandtackle.com.



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