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Catfish Dip Bait

New Catfish Dip Bait

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Catfish Dip BaitCatfish dip bait recipes have been around forever, it takes time to get a mixture that finally melds. But when it does, something special happens. The guys at Rippin Lips have just released a soon to be legendary potion. The Bootleg catfish dip bait recipe will soon be available for mass consumption-welcome news for anglers and catfish alike.

Formulated with a blend of carefully chosen cheeses and other catfish-craving ingredients, Bootleg is a thick, extra sticky dip bait that adheres to hooks like a gob of glue. Ironically, it’s also one of the cleanest and most-user friendly catfish baits on the market. After immense about of trial and error the Rippin Lips crew settled on two distinctive dip baits; Batch No. 17 – Sweet & Sticky and Batch No. 131 – Bold & Bloody.

The Bootleg catfish dip bait is packaged in 15 ounce containers. They use heat-gathering black lids to keep the bait soft and workable in cooler conditions. In hot weather it is suggested to store Bootleg dip bait in a cooler. To use the bait just dip your worm into the jar with a stick and push it down into the bait.

For more information on the new catfish dip bait by Rippin Lips click here.



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