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New Tangle Free Rigs Solution by RIGRAP

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tangle free rigFishing is great, until your rig gets tangled and you spend the next 30 minutes untangling it. Good thing there is a company like RIGRAP, who has just announced their 2013-2014 line of tangle free rigs products. Less than a year ago, RIGRAP® introduced its first product to the fishing industry and due to the overwhelming interest, the company quickly moved its development of a full line of tangle free rig storage solutions and accessories into high gear.

There are 8 sizes of RIGRAP‘s tangle free rigs along with a specialty RIGRAP called the LURELOCKER4. This is intended specifically for rigged soft baits and lures. Along with the tangle free rigs, RIGRAP also has a convenient holder called the RIGRACK12™ which is designed to hold upwards of 12 RIGRAPs and comes with suction cups and straps for secure on-board placement. Fishing equipment can get kind of spendy but RIGRAP has remained affordable with prices starting at just $3.95. There’s little question that RIGRAP is one of those products that has provided a practical solution to an always annoying problem and undoubtedly is set to become a staple in everyone’s tackle box.



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