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Four Year old Mayor gives fishing advice

Minnesota fishing town appoints four year old Mayor

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Minnesota Fishing Town Mayor

The Minnesota fishing town of Dorset, population 22, has selected their Mayor. By literally drawing a name out of a hat, four-year-old Robert “Bobby” Tufts was elected Mayor. All residents of the town are candidates for Mayor and can put

their name in the hat for $1. Bobby Tufts mom said, “Bobby was so excited, he told everyone at daycare he would be Mayor forever.” Although that isn’t quite true, he will be Mayor through August when the town will choose another name from the hat.

As the Mayor of this small Minnesota fishing town, Bobby is looked to for fishing advice and he is willing to give out his secrets. He likes to fish for crappies, muskies, and bass and prefers live bait such as leeches and worms. Tufts is also willing to give advice on fishing equipment. In an interview with a local CBS affiliate, Bobby gave a very insightful observation in to fish bobbers. Tufts told reporters that a fish bobber “tastes like fish poop.”



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