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United States Conservation Investment

New Study Quantifies United States Conservation Investment

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A new study provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Southwick Associates, provides a revealing look at United States Conservation investments. The study found that the total public and private investments in fish, wildlife and natural resources conservation were at $38.8 billion per year. Once this circulated through the economy it stimulated an impressive $93.2 billion in economic activity.

The study has proven that the conservation in the broader U.S. economy is considerable. The Outdoor Industry Association has also conducted numerous studies about consumer spending on recreational activities. Combined with the recent findings it is clear that the $38.8 billion investment in conservation forms a high economic impact with spending related to outdoor recreation and historic preservation.

America’s Voice for Conservation is made up of 1,200 organizations that represent tens of millions of citizens that have united in support of conservation. They have also used the recent findings along with existing information to display some other noteworthy findings.

• $1.7 trillion = total economic impact attributed to natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation and historic preservation in the United States, $1.6 trillion of which is derived from consumer dollars spent on outdoor recreation activities as it circulates through the economy as quantified by OIA. These rounds of spending also create additional impacts:

o $211 billion = federal, state and local tax revenue generated annually from this sustainable economy;

o 12.8 million = number of jobs supported by these three sectors;

o $877 billion = combined contribution to the United State Gross Domestic Product from these three sectors; and,

o $33.3 billion = total annual federal spending on natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation and historic preservation that helps generate this $1.7 trillion economy.

For more about this new study and it’s findings click here.



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