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Lake Commandos with Steve Pennaz

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In this episode of Lake Commandos, Steve Pennaz goes head to head with legendary Fishing Biologist Hal Schramm. The mission is to find and catch mid-summer Largemouth Bass on big water and in heavy cover. The Lake is a popular Muskie and Walleye lake. Both Steve Pennaz and Hal Schramm will utilize different techniques. Steve is going with the flip technique where as Hal is going with the top water frog technique. Who will catch more fish?

The mission is simple: two experienced anglers, two different battle plans going head to head on one unfamiliar body of water. Steve Pennaz takes us to the front line of fishing to learn the lessons of the Lake Commandos.

An unknown lake with big bass, big water and big cover, a welcome challenge or a recipe for disaster then add the pressure of a one-on-one battle with one of the most respected names in bass fishing and it’s time to go big, go home or go commando.



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