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Minnesota waterways produce three kinds of catfish: channel, blue, and flathead. They are a bottom-feeder fish, and they are found primarily in the murky depths of Minnesota’s rivers. Although the best places for catfish in MN are the rivers, many small “fryers” can be hooked in some of the northern lakes as well. Cass Lake, Lake Vermilion, Leech Lake and Rainy Lake all have healthy populations.

Minnesota boasts great fishing for Catfish

Minnesota boasts great fishing for Catfish

Game fish abound on the Mississippi, including the great channel catfish. Catfish on Mississippi River can get astoundingly large, with the state record, a whopping 38-pounder, brought up from its muddy waters.

The murky waters of the St. Croix River are home to sturgeon, muskie, northern pike and all three types of catfish, among others. Catfish on the St Croix River commonly reach weights of 20 lbs or more. A 70-lb water monster caught in the St. Croix set the state record for flathead catfish 43 years ago. A known flathead fishing hotspot is near the bridges that span the St. Croix near Stillwater, MN.

If you are hoping to hook some catfish during your Minnesota fishing vacation, St Croix guide Brian Klawitter can provide you with an exciting evening excursion as well as education in the most effective catfish angling techniques. Check out the website for BrianK’s Trophy Catfishing and Sturgeon Adventures



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