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How To Buy A Fishing Rod

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As you prepare for your Minnesota fishing vacation, one of the most important things you need to know is how to buy a fishing rod and tackle for different fishing methods and styles, as well as the varieties of fish you hope to catch. Buying the correct equipment is essential for your angling success, and the fishing rod is the very backbone of your tackle. Manufacturers of fishing tackle have applied scientific principles to creating a wide variety of rods for every application, so anglers today have a vast array of options from which to choose. The rod layout, components, and action should be geared toward the kind of fishing you plan to do to ensure your success. If you know the answers the following basic questions before heading out to the sporting goods store to buy fishing rods, you will be able to choose just the right rod for your specific needs.

  1. How often will you use it? This should be a major factor in your choice of rod. If you are a beginner, and do not yet know what applications and techniques you like best or have the most success with, you will want to spend less on your first rod, and wait until later to spring for the more spendy application-specific rods. If you have your own boat or live on the water and will be out fishing in all seasons, you will want a more durable single-piece rod, but if you will be traveling with your rod or storing it regularly, a multi-section or collapsible rod would be better for you.
  2. What size and type of fish do you intend to catch? Obviously, the larger and more powerful the fish you set your sights on, the stronger, more durable you want your rod and line to be. Fiberglass rods are often more reliable under wear and tear than lighter weight graphite.
  3. What method of fishing will you be doing most? If you will you be trolling calm lakes in the summertime, a good mid-weight rod will be fine, but for powerful river currents in the spring you will want something more durable. If you intend to use lures most often, you should purchase a rod that is lightweight and comfortable, for daylong, repeated casting. More experienced finesse anglers will want a faster, stiffer, and more sensitive graphite rod.

The right fishing rod fits like a…

Buying the right fishing rod is a lot like getting the perfect pair of shoes for outdoor activities: If you buy the wrong style, it may hinder your success. Just as the right shoes become comfortable extensions of your feet during hiking, trail running, or rock climbing, the right fishing rod becomes an extension of your fishing arm and will allow you to focus on reeling in the perfect catch.



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