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Fly Fishing Rods : Tips Series

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Choosing your fly fishing rod

The Fly Fishing Rod

There are numerous things that you should take into consideration when selecting a fly fishing rod. Keep in mind that each and every reel and rod has a specific purpose. First, make sure that your choice is comfortable. Is the rod easy to hold in your hands? If you are shorter than 5’5”, never choose a rod that is seven feet or longer. Instead, select a shorter rod that allows you to comfortably cast your line for a couple of hours or more. A majority of the today’s rods are made so that you can tell when a fish is dangling on your line. The blank, which is the rod’s shaft, is made with materials such as graphite or fibreglass. The blank can either be light, medium, medium/heavy or heavy. Each type of blank is designed to perform a specific action. In addition, the upper part of the blank performs an action based upon an extra light, light or regular setting. When both of the top and bottom parts of the blank are combined, this forms the whole fishing rod, which comes complete with a handle and a guide. It does not matter what kind of rod you use, the guide will tell you what action to perform based upon the blank. The kind of fishing that you do will determine the type of blank action that is needed.



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