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Fly Fishing Casting Techniques : Tips Series

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It’s always a good idea to start with the basics : Fly Fishing Casting Techniques.

Although fly fishing is an extremely enjoyable sport, it is one that can be just as complicated as it is soothing.

The following helpful tips and strategies can greatly help the beginning learner. As a new fly fisherman, you should get as many tips as possible from the pros.

Fly Fishing Casting Technique

The pros will tell you that developing your fly fishing casting technique should be one of your number one priorities, which is why lots of practice is a necessity. This will determine whether or not you are a successful fly fisherman with a proficient casting technique or one who is always in a state of frustration. One strategy that you might want to use is to practice your casting technique on an exterior wall of your home. Envision a clock that is at your shoulder height, but it hangs on the wall. Use black tape to pinpoint the markers of the clock and put the tape on the eleven and one o’clock positions. On a daily basis, take a few minutes and practice your casting technique up against the markers of this imaginary clock. This will not only make your technique more accurate, but it will greatly improve your style as well.



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