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Float Tube Boats

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If you are looking for a different way to go fishing, then you might try fishing with float tube boats. A float tube is a fun way to get out on the water and catch some fish. It may feel like a little more of a relaxed fishing experience over that of the standard boat fishing. The tubes are affordable, easy to travel with, and lightweight — what more could you ask for? They are good for bass fisherman and fly fishing in Minnesota, although it might take some practice to fly fish in small lakes or streams from a tube. Once you get used to reeling fish in while floating in the middle of the lake you will really enjoy float tube fishing.

Using a float tube to fish certainly saves a lot of time, and can get you in the water with a lot more ease; all it needs is air. You do not have to spend a lot of time gearing up your boat and getting it into the water. Float tubes are a great choice for many of the smaller lakes in Minnesota, but is not suggested for rivers unless using the pontoon style float tube. They work best in lakes that are isolated and ponds closer to shore. Make sure you check the weather because a strong wind can blow you right out of the tube, or at the very least make it difficult to fish.

There are a few options for float tubes, the first is the round float tube. This type is more for the beginner who wants to try it out but not invest a chunk of money. These types of tubes are usually nothing more than a standard truck inner tube with a fabric cover. Most of these tubes will come equipped with a few side pockets on each armrest to provide storage for tackle and other small gear. A backrest with separate air chamber is also usually included in the round float tubes. The second style called the pontoon float tube is more expensive than the round but much more comfortable. This style consists of two inflatable pontoons with a seat in the middle of the pontoon. These tubes are steered with oars and are extremely maneuverable. If you like to fish in rivers the pontoon style boat is great because it is more stable and steers much better than a round float tube. The one downside to the pontoon style is that they are a little awkward to carry, which can be a turn off for some fly fishing or back country anglers. Overall, both float tubes make for an easy, unique and fun fishing experience.



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