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Bass Boats

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Minnesota bass anglers will often check out the various types of boats before deciding on the best one for their freshwater fishing needs. A bass boat is often the best choice. In fact, any bass fisherman will tell you that a bass boat is one of the most popular fishing boats.

The very first bass boat was nothing more than a hulled out canoe that was made from very large tree trunks. Technically, the Caddo Indians are credited for inventing this particular type of fishing boat. At the time, bass boating was known as the best way for man to provide food for his family. In fact, bass was considered the number one food choice that enabled a lot of families to survive. Nowadays there are multiple forms of bass boats. Tournament style boats are usually more than 18 feet long with 200 horsepower or more, making for some very fast bass boats. For more of the casual angler aluminum bass boats are much more affordable ranging from 16-18 feet and around 100-150 horsepower motor. Aluminum bass boats are also known to be more durable and resistant to water and natural environment conditions. The biggest downside to purchasing an aluminum bass boat is the fact that it causes a rougher ride than what would be experienced with a fiberglass boat.

With many Minnesota lakes swimming with Small and Largemouth Bass, a bass boat is a great choice for anglers of all skill levels.



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