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Angling is defined as the sport of using a baited hook on the end of a line to catch fish and reel them in with a fish reel and rod. There is “coarse” angling, which is catch-and-release of inedible freshwater fish such as pike, bream, and rudd; and there is “game” angling, which involves catching edible fish such as trout, salmon, and any number of smaller panfish. A lot of game angling occurs in game fisheries, which are rivers or lakes that have been stocked with fry so that they will have a healthy population of adult game fish for fishing anglers.

Some fishermen enjoy boat angling (or boat fishing), while others enjoy, ice fishing, or angling from docks or shorelines. Boat anglers may practice still fishing or trolling. Still fishing is angling from an anchored boat in one selected spot, with any combination of bait & tackle. Trolling is angling from a moving boat so that your line moves slowly through the water.

The most common tackle used in angling is a rod with bait casting reel and line. The line will terminate in a bait hook, and a bobber is attached higher up on the line to set the depth of the baited hook. The depth at which an angler chooses to fish is determined by the type of fish he is trying to catch, as well as the water temperature.

Minnesota anglers can pursue a wide variety of fish because angling is possible year-round, from summer trolling to winter ice fishing. There are also a myriad of small lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in every region of the state for the enjoyment of angling enthusiasts.



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